Meet the Models

You've seen their faces on our website and social media, now it's time to "meet" the ladies in front of the camera!  If you see them around the DFW area, be sure to say "hey!"  Selfies optional (but encouraged!)


ErinErin is a newlywed living life with her best friend.  They have two adorable fur-babies named Killer (a schweenie) and Lola (a pug).  Erin feels she has the BEST family in the world - they are all super close and have dinner together every Sunday night!  When Erin isn't flashing her pearly whites in front of the camera, she is a full-time teacher (and self proclaimed part-time goofball).  She loves to hang out around DFW and attend concerts, visit museums, see movies, and go bowling.  Unusual fact: Erin used to drive race cars!  She and her dad built a vintage car from the ground up when she was in high school. Erin's favorite ZZS items are the fiyah skirts, skinnies, and grace tees.  She likes to keep it pretty basic.  Favorite item in her makeup bag?  Her bronzer and eyeliner.  Favorite food: pizza.  Erin loves indie and alternative rock music - groups like Taking Back Sunday, The Wonder Years, Brand New, Manchester Orchestra, and Passion Pit.  If she could travel anywhere in the the world, she would go on a huge trip through Europe. 
Erin fun 1Erin fun 2 


CrystalCrystal has been married to Chester for the last 5 years and is mommy to Chet, who is almost 3.  Crystal was born in Dallas, but calls Fort Worth her home, since she has lived there most of her life.  She's in her early 30s and her parents are in their late 40s, so she finds that super fun.  She has a younger sister, Alexis.  Crystal's family has two lab mix dogs they rescued through the Humane Society.  Jack, a black lab, and Beaux, a yellow lab who was originally rescued from the roof of a house in Louisiana during Hurricane Isaac, hence the Cajun name.  When she isn't "werking it" in front of the camera, she is a buyer for a defense contractor.  She also spends much of her time playing and keeping up with her son.  They spend a lot of time outdoors exploring and playing basketball.  Inside activities includes trucks, trucks, and more trucks, with Despicable Me on the television in the background.  Unusual factCrystal has worked in several industries and went to nursing school at Tarleton.  She changed her major with only two semesters left and took a long break.  She finished her bachelor's degree in an unrelated field through Texas Tech without ever going to Lubbock.  (Her visit to the LBK was the day of graduation!)  Crystal's favorite ZZS is her black pocket cardigan because it's perfect, comfortable, versatile, and always appropriate, though she had a tough time choosing since she has many favorites depending on the situation.  Her favorite item in her makeup bag is a tie between her Bye Bye Undereye Concealer and Lorac Professional Contour/Highlight Palette.  Favorite food?  Vanilla Blue Bell ice cream with a little hot fudge and caramel.  Her favorite song is "Just Dance" by Lady Gaga.  If she could travel anywhere in the world, she would go on a year long cruise to see it all in small doses, because her husband has never traveled internationally (except for Mexico!)

Crystal FunCrystal fun 2



burgundy-long-sleeve-basic-tee-grey-cozy-vest-black-skinny-jeans-taupe-kathrin-boot-vanessa.jpgVanessa is mom to four "crazy" kiddos - Regan, Addison, Ellie, and Sophie.  Sweet Sophie has Down's Syndrome, so she is still adjusting and learning everything she needs.  She says is is hectic, busy, and a huge balancing act, but she wouldn't change it for the world.  When she isn't modeling for ZZS, Vanessa is usually on the go.  Her son plays football and baseball, and her youngest has regular doctor appointments and therapy.  Unusual fact: Vanessa says she has a smelly belly button!  Favorite ZZS: She claims an oldie, the Grace Tee, as her favorite because it is so comfy and can be dressed up or down.  Her favorite item in her makeup bag is her highlighter because it makes her glow; or her eyelashes because she feels naked without them.  Her favorite thing to eat is "everything" and she especially loves anything lemon.  Her kids currently run her radio - so she listed to a lot of kids bop and Disney CDs.  If she could travel anywhere in the world she would head to Italy because she thinks it's just beautiful.




jett-simplicity-top-rebekah.jpgRebekah is married to Jo and mom to a sweet little girl named Cambry.  Her husband's family is all around Lubbock, but he moved to Breckenridge when they got engaged, where she has lived her entire life.  She considers her parents her rock and has two older sisters who she says blessed her with "the coolest niece and nephews on earth."  When she isn't modeling for ZZS, she is at home taking care of her little girl full-time, though she was a hair stylist for the past 9 years. Unusual fact: Rebekah's first time to sing by herself on stage was at age 5, and she entered her first songwriters' competition when she was 14!  She also plays the drums, guitar, piano, and flute.  She learned the love of music from her dad, who she says taught her everything she knows.  Favorite ZZS: Rebekah loves the basic tees and flare tops.  Her favorite item in her makeup bag is her Carbon Black Voluminous Mascara by Loreal.  Her favorite thing to eat anything Medican food related, but Uncle Julios in Fort Worth is her favorite!  Rebekah loves all genres of music, so her favorite usually depends on her mood.  John Mayer always helps her clean house; Elevation Worship and Bethel are always on repeat in her car.  If she could travel anywhere in the world she would go to Bora Bora.  She and her husband have always said that one day they want to rent an over water bungalow.  They love to snorkel!





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