About Us

Hey friends!!! So who are we? We are every day people just like you! I, Leslie Hall, am the owner along with my husband, Joel. We’ve been married for 17 years and are high school sweethearts! We are the proud parents of 3 very active boys, Cade (15), Nash (13) and Reid (11). We live in Arlington, TX and have a house full of pets too ... 3 dogs, a cat and we can't leave out the bearded dragon! Our kids keep us VERY busy with school activities and sports. During basketball season and baseball season (like the entire year pretty much) we don't see much of our home in the evenings until our heads hit the pillow. But, I couldn't imagine life any other way! They are our joy! But can I tell you ... raising boys is HARD WORK!!! 

Now in 2013, we had no idea what we were doing. I approached Joel and told him I wanted to start an online clothing boutique. He laughed .... the next day I used that credit card he just paid off to purchase our first inventory. HAHA! That boy doesn't tell me no often. Our first month I sold close to $6,000 and I was SO EXCITED!! We quickly grew out of our house into a warehouse space, by the second year we had revenues over 2 million dollars. That's when we kinda looked at each other and said, "oh crap, I think we've built a business."

Those first years came with plenty of growing pains and really trying to figure out what I wanted the so called "brand" to be and who I wanted to be with it. Employees came and went, store fronts (3 to be exact) opened and closed ... that's when we really started trying to get back to why I started ZZS. My goal has always been to provide the every day gal with affordable, cute clothes. Not something she could go to Target and pick up. I wanted to give women an experience, a friendship, a community. 

We rebranded in 2018, created our Facebook group, launched our app and built that community. I can finally say that after 6.5 years, ZZS is exactly what I want it to be. I know who I am as a brand and a business owner. I don't let the voice of outsiders bring me down. I do right by our people, I run an honest business and those that have something different to say .... well, they can just worry about themselves. 

Let me say though, we aren't done. I've never once been a person to just sit idle. I'm always looking toward the future, what are we doing to do next to not only take us to "the next level" but continue to provide great customer service and reasonably priced, CUTE clothes. Our ideas and possibilities are endless!

Those that have been around for the full ride, thank you. Thank you for believing in ME! Thank you for continuing to support our small business! For those that are just joining us, WELCOME! We hope that you enjoy the ride. 

Here's to the next year, the best is yet to come!

- Leslie